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скачать mission: impossible на psp

The game is extremely unforgiving of mistakes. There are occasions where, if you donБЂ™t get your placement pixel perfect or misjudge the timing slightly, youБЂ™ll end up dying in one of several horrible ways. Every death is punished with a 10 minute time penalty, so it pays to keep your agent alive at all costs. The time honoured tactic of БЂ

Both story and setting remain unchanged: you play a secret agent whose mission is to infiltrate the multi-layered stronghold of Professor Elvin Atombender. The nefarious villain is hell bent on unleashing a nuclear doomsday, and you are all that stands between him and the missile launch codes. Scattered throughout the baseБЂ™s many rooms are puzzle pieces which, when correctly assembled, will arm you with a code to stop him in his tracks. ItБЂ™s no straightforward intelligence operation however; most of the rooms are guarded by killer robots, and on top of it all you have a time limitБЂ¦ so itБЂ™s a race against the clock as well. The map layout and puzzle placement is different every time, which definitely adds some replay value.

In 2007 it was reworked and ported to PS2, PSP, DS and Wii, and more recently has been added to PSNБЂ™s stable of downloads as a mini. Impossible Mission costs $7.90 and for your investment youБЂ™ll receive the modernised remake with its enhanced sound and graphics, plus the original C64 version. But wait, there’s more! How about a third version – a hybrid of the two? A 3-for-1 deal sounds pretty attractive, even if one of the three might only appeal to the 30+ set. Now, there are plenty of retro sites paying homage to the original platform puzzler, so we decided to see how the newest version measures up.

We like inexpensive games here at NZGamer.com, so we headed to the PSN store to check out what was on offer – our next cheap thrill was to come from an 8-bit classic from 1984, which seems to have withstood the test of time…

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